I'm Arshad Rehman

let's talk ppc, seo, ecommerce

  • Age 30
  • Current City Dallas, TX
  • Previous City Fishers, IN
  • Alumni UT Austin
  • E-Mail hi.im.arshad.rehman@gmail.com

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Hello! I’m Arshad Rehman. Digital marketing pioneer specializing in SEO, PPC, Google & Amazon shopping. Experienced with all stages of the marketing cycle. Well-versed in numerous advertising platforms including Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Amazon Seller Central as well as experienced web development platforms including WordPress and Shopify using HTML and CSS.

My Forte

Shopping Ads

Amazon Marketing Services, Google Shopping (PLA)

Rundown: Built out campaigns with a positive ROAS (in most accounts) on Amazon Vendor & Seller Central in all three ad formats (Sponsored Product Ads, Headline Search Ads, Sidebar [Product Display] Ads) in multiple.

Industries including:
Eyewear, Health (Probiotics, Knee Braces, Eyecare), Food (Spices).

Search Ads (PPC)

Marin, Google AdWords, Bing Ads

Rundown: Live and breathe by building out highly targeted paid search ads using the SKAG (single keyword ad group) method. Skilled at running and testing multiple ad extensions, bid modifiers, shared budgets, bid strategies.

Industries include: Education (Lead Gen), Bluetooth Speakers (E-Commerce), Probiotics (E-Commerce), Email Deliverability (Lead Gen), Pizza Food Delivery (Consumer Service), Chiropractors (Lead Gen), Electronic Parts (E-Commerce), Electronic Component Distribution (RFQ)

Paid Social Ads

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Rundown: There is a positive return on investing on social platforms when you work with me.

Targeted Facebook's multiple layers including their geographic and demographic settings. LinkedIn has been a solid contributor to my success by creating multi-layer targeting including sponsored content ads and sidebar display ads.

Web Development


Rundown: I have built sites editing/adding/removing HTML and CSS elements to increase user engagement and overall appeal working through initial web hosting setup to staging through deployment.


WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Zen Cart

Rundown: I first built my original website on Zen Cart and then moved into easier solutions such as WordPress. I've managed specific functions for clients on Shopify and Magento. I've preferred building on WordPress because of the freedom to select your own options in functionality.


Google Webmasters, Bing Webmaster Tools, Screaming Frog, Ranks.nl, SEMRush, SEOMoz

Rundown: I am now well versed in the SEO field from removing manual penalties (given by Google), optimizing for fundamental SEO (i.e title tags, metas, architecture), and forward thinking opportunities via blogs and social ROI. The tools I've used have helped me learn the full scope of the SEO realm to symbiotically work with my real-time experience.

Display Advertising

Google Display Network, LinkedIn Side Panel, Bing Display

Rundown: Used multiple banner ad formats and sizes including GIFs targeting not only the Google Display Network but multiple channels as well. I optimized using specific site placements and audience lists to add in layering.

Industries including:
Eyewear, Health, Email Deliverability, Restaurant, and more.

Affiliate Marketing

Commission Junction, ShareASale, Amazon Associates

Rundown: Built out niche websites focusing on organic growth to lead users to larger marketplaces and/or partner websites leading to commission based revenue models.

Analytics & Reporting

Google Analytics

Rundown: Have built out numerous reporting dashboards to analyze user engagement metrics by channels, conversion funnels, and as well as demographics to make insightful decisions.


AdWords Scripts
(XML, CSV) Shopping Feeds

Work Experience

2014 - 2016

Director of Accounts


Manage a team of account executives to run campaigns on Marin, AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Amazon, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Centro. It is my goal to help our clients reach specific KPIs for industries including Audio Electronics, Probiotics, Email Deliverability, and Education. We use multiple internal tools as well as CrazyEgg, AdBasis, and specific AdWords scripts. I help manage campaigns from $20-150k month spends.

2011 - 2014

Online Marketing Manager

US Digital Media

Managed the overall initiatives of Google search rankings of our subsidiary companies to both, recover from lost rankings (PremiumUSB and CDROM2GO) and improve the ranks of our new subsidiary brand (MobileMars).

I currently use Moz Analytics, Google Webmasters, Google Analytics, and our social platforms to recover from lost rankings due to traditional SEO methods. I have built our strategies to remove low quality backlinks, innovate on our competitors' weak points, clean up our website copy, rework anchor links, and build effective communication with our social communities to build reputation and presence.

2008 - 2011

SEM Project Manager

Grand Time Corp

My primary focus is on JBW Watches, a subsidiary of Grand Time as an overall SEM project manager. primarily working on our number one objective, a consistent brand presence among all channels. This includes Google search, Google images, YouTube, social media platforms, and all review blogs.

2004 - 2008

PPC Account Manager


I handle pay per click accounts for four clients. I communicate with the clients regularly and optimize campaigns based on their goals and objectives. The budgets I handle are anywhere between $24K-$175K. I work on building new accounts, keyword research, developing new ad copy, and calculate estimated monthly budgets. I report to each of the clients weekly with written and graphical analysis of the week´s and month´s statistics. We have accounts in Google Adwords, Bing AdCenter, LinkedIn Ads, and Facebook Ad platforms.

2003 - 2004

Online Marketing Director

Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants

I came into this association to build their online marketing presence from ground-up. We focus on KPIs for our efforts to produce a short term and long term vision for the company. Coming on board this company, I built and paved a road-map of online marketing initiatives creating a closed loop cycle between pay per click, search engine optimization, and social media efforts. Essentially it is my responsibility are to focus on increasing membership certification leads and build brand awareness online. To consistently ensure concentrated efforts are prioritized on highly converted areas of our PPC efforts, I am using Google Analytics, Optimizely’s A/B testing, CrazyEgg’s heat maps to analyze the most optimal landing pages and campaigns. I find it best to use Bit.ly statistics to diagnose the best outlets in our social media efforts on Google+ and Twitter platforms. I also use multiple web SEO tools to do competitor analysis and backlink checks to create partnerships and to focus on organic rankings.

2000 - 2003

Online Marketing Intern

NextScreen Labs

I currently work on the SEM/SEO, internally and externally, for NextScreen. My job is to create campaigns for our clients to increase the number of clicks in PPC while making sure the AVG CPC is kept in line with the budget. Within 2 months of revamping an older campaign I have increased CTR by 300% with a 35% decrease in costs. I currently manage keyword lists of +25K with budgets over $30K using both, Bing adCenter and Google AdWords. To efficiently optimize for optimal conversion rates, I designed Multivariate A/B Landing Page tests to track consumer behavior. As for SEO, I currently build links and edit meta tags using keyword research to target low competition.

SEO/Social Media Intern


Helped construct a social media campaign to drive users to a new start-up that helped students find jobs and internships. Utilized Spredfast and Hoot Suite to find hash tags pertaining job searching to converse about the troubles of finding a jobs. I wrote out a marketing plan to follow for social media using Facebook Fan Pages and creating videos to brand the company on Youtube. I also laid out the foundation to optimize for organic searches by finding effective keywords and analyzing current competitors.


2017 - 2017

Leadership in Training [Graduate]


2007 - 2011

Major: Economics / Minor: Business

University of Texas at Austin

2006 - 2007

Major: Business

University of Texas at Arlington

2002 - 2006

Creekview High School

Creekview High School

Sites I've Built

FixABeat Headphone Parts

FixABeat.com is an e-commerce site that serves as a one-stop place to find Beats headphone parts sourcing the best vendors at the best price. Not only does FixABeat help find replacement part for the newest models, but it also helps those trying to fix older models that need a little bit of fixing to make it brand new. I’ve built the site off of WordPress using WooCommerce using SEO and paid search (specifically Google Shopping) to market my products. FixABeat.com


Emoji Galore Logo

EmojiGalore.com’s main purpose is to get everything emoji related from one place. The marketplace is designed for those that love having their life surronded around the emoji lifestyle or would like to gift people with a fun useful emoji product. This has also been built through WordPress with WooCommerce  that is primarily advertised through Google Shopping and Pinterest.   EmojiGalore.com

My Interests

Listed below are just a few of my favorite activities and hobbies. Hoping to get the list longer as I’m always wanting to learn and do more.

  • Travelling
  • Watching Movies
  • Working Out
  • Playing w/ My Pets
  • Eating & Drinking
  • Networking
  • Making Money

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